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Celebrating our 46th year!

This year, 2024, marks our 46th year of miniature show production bringing you over 500 wonderful shows.  And, believe it or not, we have had over half a million people attend our shows, we counted!  To reminisce a bit, our first show was our annual South Florida Miniatures Show which we began promoting in 1978.  When we opened the doors to that event in February, 1979, the line of customers waiting to enter reached out the front door of the hotel and into the parking lot.  What a fantastic and very exciting time that was.  The crowds remained for the entire weekend and that show is what launched us into our international show circuit.  Of the thirty eight dealers who attended that first event only one remains active in the business today.  We are very proud that we have had the unique opportunity to launch many artists into the miniatures field and we have enjoyed immensely meeting so many wonderful people who have helped us along the way through their continued kindness and support.

And, look where we’ve been..... Florida/Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale & Orlando, Chicago/Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg & Chicago, San Francisco/San Mateo, Burlingame, Foster City & South San Francisco, Los Angeles/Anaheim, Fullerton & North Hollywood, New York City, New Rochelle & Plainview, Washington D.C./Gaithersburg, & Bethesda, Boston/Peabody, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix/Mesa & Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Seattle/Everett, Honolulu, Anchorage, Denver, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Minneapolis/Bloomington, Milwaukee/Cedarburg, Buffalo/Niagara Falls, Cleveland/Strongsville, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Huntsville, Columbus, Nashville, Atlanta, Hilton Head Island, Columbia, Philadelphia, Nashua, Williamsburg, Oklahoma City, Tokyo, London, Madrid, & Antwerp.
We were the very first to produce miniature shows on a National level.
We were the very first to produce an International show circuit.
We were the very first to bring large groups of International dealers to shows in the United States.
We were the very first to bring representatives from the International magazines to the United States.
We were the very first to offer evening workshops at shows.
We were the very first to require all workshop instructors to provide all tools and supplies.
We were the very first to do large retail multiple page group advertising in the miniature magazines.
We were the very first to offer a smoke free environment at all our shows.
We were the very first to introduce shows internationally in London, Tokyo, Madrid, and Antwerp.
And finally we were the very first to introduce first time shows in the United States in such places as South Florida, Williamsburg, Houston, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Kansas City, Nashville,  Salt Lake City, Nashua, Columbia, Cedarburg, Anchorage, Oklahoma City, and Hilton Head Island.

We are the longest, continuous running promoters of miniature shows in existence.  Our world renowned Chicago International event remains the finest, largest and most prestigious miniatures gathering in the world.  Additionally, we have worn many different hats in the miniatures field beginning as collectors, artist/craftsmen, and then as show dealers.  From there we became miniature shop owners (Miniland, Inc., Margate, Florida), and the president of a 60 member National Association of Miniatures Enthusiasts, (N.A.M.E.) club, and finally as international show promoters.

As we continue on in this wonderful world of miniatures our goal has always been and shall always be to present the largest variety of the finest artists, craftsmen, artisan representatives and top quality general dealers from around the world.  We sincerely hope you will continue to enjoy them with us as we travel through our fifth decade.  Our goal now will be to make it to our 47th anniversary and we hope you will all be able to continue along with us on this exciting and wonderful journey.

Thank you for 46 GREAT years,

Leni & Tom Bishop

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