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      1.  Substantial national and local publicity.
      2.  As reasonable hotel room rates as can be obtained.
      3.  Sufficient set-up time prior to opening of the show.
      4.  A table (6’ X 30”), two chairs, table covers, dealer sign, badges, garbage bags, and tax  information will
           be provided.
      5.  All vendors will be selected on the quality of their merchandise.
      6.  No charge for electricity.  However, some of the major hotels that are unionized require a plug in
           charge.  If so, the cost will be passed on to each vendor requiring electric.
      7.  If you are a vendor traveling ALONE, there will be assistance offered for meal service and relief from
           your table if  necessary.
      8.  Photography by the public is prohibited without each vendors personal permission.
      9.  No public loudspeaker announcements at any time during the show.
    10.  No “door prizes” or “play money” will be requested from the vendors at any of our shows.
    11.  Commercial items will be allowed on an extremely limited basis and MUST be cleared with us in
    12.  Only dollhouse miniatures may be offered for sale.
    13.  No selling from in front of your table at any time.  Vendors and their merchandise must not encroach
           into the public areas, access aisles space, fire exits, or any other vendors area.
    14.  Do not at anytime use or allow your customer to use your fellow dealers table to set anything upon or
           to use to conduct your business.
    15.  DO NOT allow any customers behind your table at ANY TIME for ANY REASON.  It is a breach of
           security and is not welcomed by any of your neighboring dealers.
    16.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages by dealers is not permitted in the salesrooms or workshop areas.
    17.  Smoking is not permitted at any time within the sales room or workshop areas.
    18.  No pets of any kind are allowed in the sales rooms.
    19.  No tape recordings, music boxes, video recorders, T.V.’s, phonographs, radios or any other type of
           recording systems are allowed to be played at any time during show hours.
    20.  Vendors are responsible for providing their own lighting, extension cords (25 foot is recommended)
           duct tape,  masking tape, change, tools, etc. necessary to properly function at their sales table.
    21.  Any literature that advertises shops, classes, shows, etc., must be placed on the literature table that
           will be provided at the entrance to the show and only with the promoters specific approval.  Table
           space is to be used solely for the display of your miniature items for sale to the public.  Distribution of
           any type of literature within the sales room area and its aisles is strictly prohibited.
    22.  Vehicle loading and unloading - On arrival unload your vehicle and move it from the loading area
            immediately.  At the end of the show, do not move your vehicle into position at the loading area until
            you are completely packed and ready to load up and leave.

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