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If you have purchased a preview ticket and spend all three days at the Chicago International, you will have exactly 20 hours to shop the show.  Those 20 hours times 60 minutes per hour gives each of you 1200 minutes to view EVERY dealer table at the show.  The Chicago International has 310 tables to view.  That breaks down to 3.8 minutes per table.  Oh sure, you can do that, that’s enough time.  Now we’re talking about no lunch breaks, no bathroom breaks, no sitting down for awhile, and not taking the time to have a conversation with anyone or to make any purchases.


We did some additional breakdowns and remember this is not allowing you any additional time to do anything else other than looking at the merchandise.


If you attend the Preview Show on Friday only: 7 hours times 60 minutes = 420 shopping minutes or 1.3 minutes per table.


If you purchase a preview ticket and stay Friday and Saturday only:  15 hours times 60 minutes = 780 shopping minutes or 2.5 minutes per table.


If you visit Saturday only: 7 hours times 60 minutes = 420 minutes or 1.3 minutes per tables.


Visiting Sunday only: 5 hours times 60 minutes = 300 minutes, less than one minute per table.          


Who amongst you can view all of those wonderful treasures in such a limited time?  We have 83 international dealers alone that you probably will not see anywhere else in the USA.  Most, if not all of the dealers bring brand new merchandise to the Chicago International.  There is far too much to see at this once a year event and none of us can see it all.  We have heard hundreds of times over the years, “Where did you get that, I didn’t see that .” 


So do make your arrangements to do other things in Chicago either before or after the show or in the evening hours when the show is closed.  You simply do not have enough time.  This is truly the world’s finest miniatures exhibition and we promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

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