Special presentations created for the Chicago International

CREATIVE EYE MINIATURES - KRAIG COUNCELL is presenting an array of flowers & landscaping designs.  He will introduce more potted plants & hanging plants that can go on a porch.  Kraig will be showcasing some new Christmas & Halloween items and will have a few unique one of a kind pieces.


SOME LIKE IT SMALL - FRAN SUSSMAN come and see a OOAK fully furnished Georgian Baby house in 1/144 scale!  The lighted baby house is furnished with rugs printed on fine silk, unique resin-cast fireplaces, handmade furniture from exotic & domestic hardwoods, brass & silver, wallpaper in a Georgian style, including murals, crown molding & wainscoting. The cabinet was designed by Geoff Wonnacott in mahogany, and sits on a small table.  


THE DOLLS’ COBBLER - SILVIA ROUNTREE  will be bringing some new weekender luggage bags in rich leathers.  She will have more one of a kind shoes made from vintage petite point needle work, no two pairs are exactly alike &  there will also be purses. She is greatly expanding her men’s shoes inventory and will introduce several new contemporary styles along with the old favorites.  2020 is her 50th year of shoemaking and she still loves it and will have some new & different styles representing many fashion eras.


BRIDGET MCCARTY is bringing a new, enchanting miniatures collection, which will feature seasonal, Christmas, Halloween, & Easter creations; Everything from adorable cats knocking over holiday trees, whimsical gizmos in brightly decorated Christmas presents, or bunnies with floppy ears causing mischief in the Easter Egg factory.  There will also be some surprises soon to be revealed on social media, leading up to the final countdown to the show’s opening. Custom pets are also a popular item, which can be ordered at the show, so have those photos of your sweet Maltese, kitty cat, or any small pet ready.


MANUELA MICHIELI  will present new cakes, foods, handmade items & a new series of one inch scale miniatures inspired in the marine/coastal style.  Almost every item on her table will be One-Of-A-Kind since each one is modeled, carved & painted individually.  Thanks to the success her 'fake' soft toys had in the previous show she will model some new ones for this year.  Her ’soft toy' presentations are inspired by stories of friendship & childhood as the subject and has been proposed for her workshop 'Wanna Bring Me With You”. 


ERIK GODDARD  will have a classic 1/12” scale Japanese house. The two-level structure is a traditional house featuring heavy wooden beams, tatami mats, shoji screens & the clean lines of Japanese architecture. The ground level has a main sitting room & adjoining rooms, a staircase open to the upper level, & a wraparound veranda overlooking a lush garden with water, koi, plants, & a stone lantern. It is meant to convey an aged, well-maintained solid house in the tradition of the great Meiji-era houses that still can be found today. 


HESTIA HOUSE - ILISHA HELFMAN will be presenting embroideries of famous paintings with elaborate button/ribbon frames. Also featured will be embroidered pillows with button details. Her range includes tiny bolsters with button ends, soft little buttoned houses filled with embroidered pets in windows, comfy window pillows with views of starry button skies, &  embroidered pets on squishy TVs with antennas & button knobs. Ever fantasize seeing your pet on television? Bring a photo, we can make your pet a star! 


KATHI KUTI HARDING will present more unique, happy, hand sculpted figures this year. You will delight in the rich and colorful costumes on her people & her little anthropomorphic animals. Her table will be over flowing with new things. Beautifully designed books will be sold in stacks, suitcase settings and in packages to use as you like. Also available, in full size, is a book by Gail Meyer, featuring over 90 pages with Kathi's work on them.


CRISTINA NORIEGA will present new pieces of furniture for the Louis XVI & Art Noveau series, a new collection of Art Deco furniture, children's furniture, antique toys & Georgian, Victorian & Art Noveau hand fans.


CARABOSSE DOLLS - MARIA JOSE SANTOS is presenting a Victorian children's tea party, Art Deco dolls, Victorian ladies in evening dresses, Georgian court gowns, & a collection of Georgian, Victorian & Art Noveau fans & purses.


PAULA GILHOOLEY  will present Serenity Gardens with Buddha, waterlilies, koi & orchids and a selection of ferns including Boston & Ruffled.  Also a full color range of Hydrangeas; a wide variety of flowering Hosta & small Water gardens in Lyric Roberts pots plus large formal arrangements for elegant settings.  Commissions are always welcome. 


KATIE DOKA will be presenting her unique & realistic handmade animals. Her products consist mainly of domesticated and wild, exotic animals & pets.  Some of her limited editions are created specifically for this show.  In the coming months a selection of her pieces will be published in the show's Facebook Group:


CASTLECRAFTS - BELINDA McWILLIAMS  is showcasing a large selection of new kits, furniture, accessories & buildings in 1”, ¼” & 1:144 micro scale. One of the ¼” houses is Miss Daisy’s cottage, a delightful thatched English cottage & city buildings each unique & interesting. All the ¼” buildings kits include easy to install lighting.


BINDELS ORNAMENTS  is presenting a new range of table lamps.  They will also be giving a workshop for the first time: making a hanging light in Tiffany style.  Of course Bindels Ornaments will also have new parts for all lovers of making their own miniatures.


HENNY STARING-EGBERTS  will present new Delftware pieces and will also show her exclusive line of dollhouse dolls.  The "H.R. ORIGINALS", sculpted porcelain dolls are dressed in historical costumes with hand embroidered (for example Blackwork embroidery) and hand painted fabric.


NALLADRIS - SUN LEMMENS  Sun loves to make historical jewelry in 1:12 scale. Mostly worked in Sterling silver, but also in 14k gold. The added sparkles come from genuine gemstones, or crystals of the highest quality all miniature copies of original European Royal jewelry. 

THE FERD SOBOL EDITIONS  is celebrating four decades of building miniature furniture. They are commemorating this accomplishment with a new special Anniversary Edition.  After 40 years of building miniatures together, there was no edition better suited to celebrate the occasion than The Romantic Writing Desk. Five bombe curved drawers will amply contain all desired writing instruments, correspondence & love letters. The central drawer is graced with a petite gold key, matching the gold ornamentation adorning the delicate feet & knees, as well as the drawer handles. A beautifully upholstered chair slips beneath the table completing an exquisite edition worthy of the finest collection. 


ITTYBITTYPETALS - DOREEN WEATERMAN-KOCH is doing three collaborations. One with Katie Doka is 17th century tulips with a Blue-Gold Macaw. The bird will be removing one of the tulips from a vase. Next is with Beth Freeman-Kane-a chipmunk will be laying over a bird feeder shoveling bird food in its mouth, while fending off birds. At the base will be Doreens flowers. The third project will be with Fran Sussman who is turning vases for Doreen’s flowers. She plans to have hydrangeas, irises, Azaleas, & parrot tulips.


LILLIPUT LAND - MARTIN STARK is offering unique Louis XV & XVI style coffee table that forms a small desk. Made by Mark Gooch it is adorned with gilded bronze & has special double level gilded galleries. It is oval shaped, has three small drawers in the upper part & a larger drawer with a slide out shelf.  A lower shelf connects the four spindle legs that end with gilded bronze casters.


STEWART DOLLHOUSE CREATIONS - RUTH STEWART will be coming out with many new silicone molds. Her molds are made of high quality silicone and the items can actually be baked in the molds! She is also growing her line of 1:48 and 1:24 accessories! So stop by and take a look. Last but not least, a brand new line of sliceable cakes and pastries will be available.


KAREN AIRD MINIATURES is bringing some beautiful estate pieces that are being saved and only being sold at this show.  She has some unique pieces and "one of a kinds" to offer as well.

SMALLER THAN LIFE - PETE & PAM BOORUM  are offering wooden Shaker Oval Boxes with finger or “swallowtail” fastening in one of the best known Shaker designs.  First made in Mt. Lebanon, NY, about 1798 & was produced for sale to the “world" in at least half a dozen communities until the mid 20th century.  The boxes were made in many sizes, but featured a distinctive elliptical form, delicate gothic shaped fingers and a snugly fitted top. The set of six boxes, in graduated sizes, are accurate 1/12th scale miniature renditions of the most common sizes and have a natural lacquer finish.

DOLLHOUSE LINENS AND MORE - WILSON SANTIAGO JR. will present his new bedding, drapery & upholstery. There will be one of kind dressed canopy bed sets in French, Tudor, & Federal designs. He will also have dramatic custom drapery that will fit standard size single and double windows. He has specially upholstered French Provincial and Federal wing back living room sets.


FRANCES PETERSON PETIT POINT  will be featuring hand stitched, silk petit point rugs & pillows, primarily of traditional designs. For those who like to stitch their own, she offers rug charts and pillow kits. She also sells silk gauze in 4 sizes: 40 ct., 48 ct., 50 ct. & 60 ct.


LAYNES FINE MINIATURES - LAYNE HALLIDAY is bringing new pieces of furniture. They are hand made from exotic woods from around the world, many which can no longer be found in nature. They are inlayed & one-of -a-kind. Her furniture will be styled after antique & contemporary furniture. Some are an Empire card table, contemporary coffee table, & parquetry table.


FATIMA DONA  will be presenting paintings made with oil and gold leaf, watercolors, vintage aquariums with her own designs inspired by the sea, fish bowls with jumping goldfish, jellyfish tanks and other items with moving water. She will also carry some reproductions of old books painted by hand and some additional surprises and curiosities.


VICTORIA MOROZOVA  will bring several special items, such as two Chippendale armchairs with petit point upholstery made on 90 count silk gauze. There will be a custom made, one of a kind antique sewing machine and several brass and silver casted items made exclusively for the show.


DESIGNING WAYS - CAROL MOORE will introduce her new "Coastal Retreat" collection featuring new bedding set designs & dressed beds.  This year she will have dressed beds including Modern, Classic & Kids.  A wide selection of beds and bedding sets will be available to create your own custom look.


FANNIMINIATURE -  FANNI SANDOR will bring lots of unique and special 1:12 scale lifelike animals, like small mammals, birds, reptiles and insects.


BENTINHA MURTA will have new Christmas creations, Louis Vuitton shoes & purse collection, chocolate sculptures, a collection of princess cakes & new Ikebana’s vases with beautiful flowers


EXCEPTIONAL! - LYNN YAEGER & NANCY WEITH will be featuring fanciful fairies from IGMA Fellow Lyn Trenary and seasonal specialities with handcrafted artisan treasures.


JL SIGNATURE HOMES - JIMMY LANDERS Is back!  See what can be done with 4000 books displayed in a 24” x 24” room box.  And be sure to see the one of a kind four tier custom chandelier.


DRAGONFLY INTERNATIONAL is a kit and supply dealer specializing in 1" scale laser cut kits, fabrics, laces & trims.  This year they introduced a line of 1" scale plant kits that has been so well received that they are working on a line of outside landscaping kits in 1' scale for the 2020 show along with some absolutely teeny tiny 1/4" scale plants.


NANCY FROSETH is presenting a miniature ceramic tiled stove.  It is a 1" scale replica of the "KAKELUGNAR", (Swedish tile stove) which is in the den of the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was created on commission along with ten other stoves in the ASI mansion.  This particular stove has 122 tiles featuring nine designs. The fourth firing with GOLD glaze trim brought out the vibrancy in this very ornate piece.


LILLI’S LITTLES - LILLI BASS Her porcelain dollhouse dolls in 1:12 scale will delight the collector with never before seen unique faces and figures.  Each doll in porcelain is china painted and dressed in bespoke attire.  A special highlight will be one of a kind Holly Hobbie inspired children, along with other dolls of various eras.  For collectible people for your 1:12 scale scene, stop by Lilli's Littles table.


KREATIVE ACRYLICS  - BRUCE KRIETZMAN Please be sure to stop by his table and take a look at some great ideas to showcase and protect your valuable miniature collection.  He has an array of various display cases, risers, and the ever popular acrylic gluing jigs, and remember that custom orders are gladly accepted!


FAIRY WINGS & MINI THINGS  while expanding their steampunk offerings, are introducing new steampunk animals, including birds and a carousel horse. They have new orreries depicting both solar and lunar eclipses. They are also introducing brand-new fairies, with beautifully elaborate feathers and gear wings, as well as different skin tones.


PATJ MINIATURE BOUTIQUE - PATRICIA JACKSON will be featuring porcelain dolls with extravagant beaded gowns from French Baroque, Victorian, Downton Abbey to the glorious Flapper era.  She will also present a variety of hand painted furniture from gold glitz to the rustic Dickens era.

ANDREW AIRD - REUTTER PORCELAIN this will be the first time that Reutter Porcelain has been represented at the Chicago International, under the new distributor.  We will be bringing our full range of products for display, with new Reutter pieces especially designed for the US market.


THE INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF MINIATURE ARTISANS IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THEIR 7th ANNUAL AUCTION:   The live auction will be held on Friday, April 16th, at 5:30 pm. in the River Room.  There will be many, one of a kind items offered.  For a closer inspection of the items to be auctioned visit them any time on Friday at the Guild table in the Blue Room.  We will begin gathering prior to the auction for their cash bar reception in the River Room at 5:00 pm. Don’t miss this exciting event.


MINIATURAS MAGAZINE - MADELVA FERNANDEZ ROJAS For the third year every subscriber who visits her table will be gifted with a CD or pen drive with more than 1000 photographs, the best ones she has published in Miniaturas magazines, Details (Detalles) pages over the past 22 years.  This will be her third edition CD.  She will also give each customer a wooden kit for a settle, a bench where the seat opens up for storage and decals to finish the project. Each of these items will also be given to any visitor who purchases more than 12 issues of the magazine.