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Special presentations created for the Chicago International

JENS TORP DESIGN  Jens is working hard on new and exciting things to tempt his customers. He will be presenting his new collaboration, a Vase with a silver mount in the Art Nouveau style that he is making along with potter Heather Muir. This will be a Limited Edition of 30. He will also have a new Dutch tea set and a Georgian Ebony tea caddy with silver fittings and tea canisters . And finally Jens has extended his collection of musical instruments by the addition of a Tuba. 


CARABOSSE DOLLS - MARIA JOSE SANTOS:  Presents new Art Deco dolls in glamorous evening costumes.  New Victorian ladies: one in a white ball gown, a lady in a walking dress with an open umbrella, another lady in a teal blue tea gown inspired by the movie “The Age of Innocence” and a new little Victorian girl.  Don't miss her new collection of miniature replicas of Victorian umbrellas and embroidered boots.


MINIATURE MINIATURES - NELL CORKIN is planning a very special one of a kind piece that will be called "Street of Dreams”.  It will be a group of several quaint English shops, inspired by the market town of Saffron Walden in the district of Essex, England. The street will include a bookstore, tea shop & dollhouse shop. She will also have a vignette with a Kerri Pajutee cat and lots of new houses & room boxes. 

FRANCES PETERSON PETITPOINT  At this years show, we are pleased to showcase exciting new designs of hand stitched Petitpoint pieces.  These new designs are finished silk rugs and pillows in a variety of unique patterns and sizes.  For the stitcher, we have detailed rug and pillow charts available for all of our new designs as well as many featured charts from earlier pieces.  There will also be an assortment of pillow kits that work well for the beginner and the more advanced stitcher.  We also have a variety of prepackaged sizes of silk gauze in 40, 48, 50 and 60 count available.

NALLADRIS - SUN LEMMENS:  Creates amazing sparkling miniature jewels from brass, silver, crystals and also 14K gold and genuine gemstones. There are fantasy jewels in all kinds and shapes, but also realistic mini copies of historical jewels from all over the world. Come and see with your own eyes the European Royal collections of crowns and parures in 1:12 or even in 1:48.  New in the Nalladris collection are the very beautiful Russian Imperial eggs made from enameled precious metals. 


FANNIMINIATURE - FANNI SANDOR makes one of a kind lifelike animal figures, birds, insects, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, etc.  She sells them alone, just the animal or in natural scenes with the animal.  For example: a Kingfisher with fish in its beak while splashing water or a Bee-eater sitting on a branch with a dragonfly in its beak.  Every year she comes back to the show with new scenes and new animals which have never been made in miniature before.  Make sure you stop by her table, you won’t want to miss her amazing work. 


ANGELIKA & BERND MANNERSDORFER  will have children for an ice cream parlor with ice cream & sweets and some twins in romantic out-fits.  Also a special new “Blue Group”, many with hand knitted caps/bonnets.  Her babies are available in 2”, 2 1/2”, new borns in 1 1/2”, Preemies in less that 1 1/4” and a new Miracle-Baby in just 1 inch.  All of their babies are fully movable.  They will also have baby-toys, bottles, and small bath-tub-dolls all of them in porcelain.  She will also be presenting some new items to her line, porcelain Marionettes with wire that she calls Spiral-Hampler, some sculpted hats in special designs and some special surprises. 


FATIMA DONA is an artist with a background in Fine Arts and Physics, her specialty in painting restoration has helped her to know the necessary techniques for miniature work. She is currently doing miniature painting and sculpture, as well as designing the frames for her paintings. She is preparing a selection of her best works for the Chicago Show; paintings with 22k gold leaf, oil and watercolor paintings and portraits, vintage aquariums with various species of fish, bronze and silver sculptures and furniture.


ERIK GODDARD will present a two-story English country house, of the style one would find in the Cotswolds. The structure will be constructed in 1:12 scale and will lean a bit more toward rustic and imperfect, with a slate style roof, stone look exterior, and an interior finished with heavy wooden beams and wood floors. The house will be ready to move into although some of the rooms will only be partially finished to allow the buyer the freedom to decorate it to their liking. 

LILLI’S LITTLES - LILLI BASS will be showcasing a collection of porcelain figures based on the Regency Era 1811-1820 fashion, such as Jane Austen inspired.  Each figure is sculpted from the artist’s hand and created in porcelain, making unique figures unseen elsewhere. These figures are heirloom quality and exquisitely dressed in 1:12 scale. Stop by and see if your next collectible is waiting for you! 


BETINHA MURTA is very excited to show you her new techniques using cold porcelain in her Chicago workshop.  And she invites you to see all of her new exquisite one of a kind pieces.  There will be Christmas & Halloween items, shoes & purses, wedding cakes, cheeses, wines, fruits & breads, flowers, plants, French cakes, macaroons, cupcakes, chocolate sculptures, and special tea & dinner sets.


BRIDGET MCCARTY: Meet a collectors favorite, Bridget McCarty, who’s tiny pets are even cuter in person. Made with soft artificial fur and wire, you’ll find they are very lifelike. Many people know her from a few tv appearances showcasing her iconic movie and TV sets in miniature. Her customers favorite lines are “This little guy speaks to me!” Her best advice is to come early to get your favorite pets and never leave something you love behind because as soon as your back is turned, it’s gone! 

VOLKER ARNOLD has been an exhibitor at the Chicago International for 15 years.  The range of his wooden art miniatures has grown continuously over the years. While initially mainly handicraft sets and natural assembled wooden items were offered, we can now marvel at many elaborately painted, time-consuming assemblies. Many traditional Erzgebirge Christmas decorations are produced as miniatures in 1:12 and 1:24. Doll houses with wooden furniture 1:144 and smaller are also very important. For landscape models with buildings and vehicles, Volker has recently been showing new possibilities at 1:450 and 1:1000 according to the popular scales 1:450 and 1:1000 and new limits with paper even at 1:4000.  Easter decorations are also popular (Bunnyland) and beginning this year funny Halloween items (Halloweenland). 


SHANNON MOORE  specializes in 1/12th scale vignettes and reproduction furniture. Her furniture is made predominately from cherry and modeled after period pieces.  The vignettes, on the other hand, are inspired by her imagination. They may be influenced by a story, a photograph, or a set of objects. One set of vignettes that Shannon specializes in is what she calls book boxes, miniature rooms made inside of real books.


MANUELA MICHIELI  is mostly focused on creating miniatures that will bring joy among visitors. Most of us are living really hard times so she desires, more than ever, to bring in the miniature world only items that speaks of peace, love, sweetness and joy.  For these reasons, at her table you will find a wide variety of trendy cakes and classic ones, as well as many other handmade, one of a kind accessories that will help you to set up your unique and lovely miniature scenes. There will also be a small selection of truly typical Italian food to accomplish the many requests she’s had in the past.


THE DOLLS’ COBBLER - SYLVIA ROUNTREE  Now in her 51st year of making miniature leather shoes and luggage, Sylvia still finds new styles to make just as what happens in the real world.  She loves what she does and will have some new & different styles representing many fashion eras.  Sylvia says she is blessed with excellent health and still enjoys being a dealer after all of these years. Stop by and see what’s new along with many of her old favorites.


SMALLER THAN LIFE - PAM & PETE BOORUM will be presenting an extensive line of wrought iron hearth tools including rakes, shovels, spoons, forks, pokers, toasters and trivets.  In addition there will be two sizes of spiders (each with only three legs,).  To fill out the line there are rustic fry and sauce pans plus both wood and metal buckets. These items would be found in the separate kitchens of the wealthy and in the more modest kitchens of less affluent merchants and in many farm houses. 

ORSI'S MINIATURES - ORSOLYA SKULTET  will bring hearty comfort food from around the world: delicious stews, pasta dishes, heavy pies & roasts, even some traditional Hungarian dishes.  Plus some sweets & snacks that will make your mouth water like pancakes & cookies, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and homemade pies & cakes. You will find tiny windowsill-size herbs for your kitchen like basil, chili, rosemary, even small cherry tomato plants and other garden plants & vegetables as well as nasturtiums, tulips, borage, cabbage, cauliflower, onions. Since we will need some dried vegetables for cooking too, she will make perfectly realistic garlic braids and chili ristras to adorn the miniature kitchens.

TRUE2SCALE - CAROL KUBRICAN  is launching a unique line of kits inspired by shipping containers that have been turned into trendy shops.  The first two containers are “Buzz Box” - a modern coffee shop and “Sugar High” - a bakery that is stacked on top of Buzz Box.  Join Carol for the Buzz Box workshop on Wednesday.  Furnishing kits for both the coffee shop and bakery will be available for purchase.

THE MINIATURE CELLAR - ROSEMARY MACEDONIO  In addition to offering handcrafted furniture and accessories Rosemary will offer the works of Nantasy Fantasy, Maritza Moran, J. Getzan, Loretta Kasza, Don Cnossen, Victoria Fasken, and Art of Mini.  Also available will have a selection of "found objects" bird sculptures and other one of a kind conversation pieces.

LE MINI DI PIERLUIGI - PIERLUIGI PIROVANO is working hard to design new 1:12 scale toys, both in metal and in wood. He will also be presenting new versions of his bird cages and new garden accessories. With the use of new modeling and 3D printing techniques, Pierluigi will also present new miniatures made in resin, for example some little bird houses.

IKLECTIC KOLLECTIBLES INC - JUDITH SCHWARTZ & CAREN HARTVIK  Like their name, they will be bringing a wide variety of merchandise, including many handmade artist pieces. They will have a large selection of handmade Halloween & Christmas items including decorations, costumed figures & holiday food. They will also be bringing some one of a kind items which are no longer being made. This includes wine cabinets made by the Goshens, dressed mannequins by Miniature Rose and silk hats & accessories by Nancy Manders.

CHARRITA TEAGUE Is presenting a variety of Tropical Plants that will add that special touch to your miniature setting, whether it's for indoors or outdoors. Check out the wonderful colors and greens of the Tropics.

DESIGNING WAYS - CAROL MOORE has new for 2023, dressed beds and Bedding sets for kids and teens. Featuring fun color combinations and new designs.  She will also be introducing a Modern Bed collection.


CAROL SHERRY MINIATURES will be bringing some new leather chairs & sofas.  Consider joining her for the leather upholstery class and make your own treasure!  She will also be bringing some brand new painted pieces.  She will have tea carts and entry tables with mirrors, as well as a variety of new shapes for tables and chests.

CAROLYN MOHLER KRAFT  Foliage Plants for your House and Garden.  The new Hosta Night Before Christmas has a splash of white that will pop when nestled among any garden plants, especially Hosta Guacamole and Hosta Elegans. If greening up your home interior is your intent, the new Pothos cutting varieties of Neon, Manjula, and Marble Queen are perfect for small spaces, shelves, and windowsills. Have an empty corner in your room? An Areca Palm will add an airy elegance to any décor. Do you have the perfect pot but don't know where to put it, or what to put into it? Just bring it along and test out the many possibilities for a perfect fit!


STEWART DOLLHOUSE CREATIONS - RUTH STEWART:  will be introducing many new additions to our silicone molds, kits and 3D printed items.  We will be offering most of them in 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 scales. We will also have brand new additions to our Treat Street, Trick Alley and December Drive lines of 1:48 House Facades. 


CASTLECRAFTS - BELINDA MCWILLIAMS from Cape Town South Africa specializes in very popular easy-to-build kits in four scales 1” ½” ¼” and micro scale.  There will be some exciting new kits unveiled in each scale at the show along with the old favorites!


ITTY BITTY MINI (M)ART is a team of four artists making miniatures inspired by the 1960's through the 1980's. They build fine crafted realistic miniatures, from stereos to TVs, VCRs to Jello molds, record albums to furniture, and more. Need something 

specific? They do custom work.


KAREN’S DOLLHOUSE SHOP - KAREN & ANDREW AIRD will be offering wonderful handmade vintage artisan porcelain, accessories & furniture.  They acquired these pieces from various upscale estates. Some of their items include miniatures by Roger Gutheil, Alec Rothwell, Jean Yingling, Karen Markland, David Krupick, Francis Whittemore and personal items from the collection of our late dear friend, Barbara Vajnar.  In addition, they will be selling roomboxes by Ray Whitledge, & other artisan made structures. Also available will be nice variety of Al Chandronnait baskets. Stop by and see some of their own handcrafted foods & drinks that will be offered, as seen in the class Karen is teaching this year.  


ARTISANS FELIPE ROYO will bring a wide variety of new hand-painted ceramics and furniture.  They will also have many new accessories for the sewing and ironing room.   And, there will be blinds for windows made with old lace & embroidery, toys with movement and many reproductions of old mini and micro dolls from 1:12 to 1:48 scale.


YOSHI SHIMENO SPHERES will be presenting her beautiful Japanese style lacquerware furniture & boxes. Yoshi is also offering Japanese accessories, lanterns and her own hand made pottery, tableware, vases, and traditional Japanese ceramics.

LUDMILLA’S CREATIONS  will be appearing in the Chicago International for the first time.  She will be presenting her very large selection of wicker baskets.  You will find Victorian baskets, baskets for dogs & cats, baskets for bicycles, shopping baskets, and toys.  Her picnic baskets are equipped with everything you need for a fantastic outdoor snack!  Also available will be mannequins all different from one another.  Additionally she will be presenting Ludmilla’s Zoo, a collection of animals all realized in wicker, the elephant, the owl, the hedgehog and the pig are just some of her animal weavings. 


iLi’s MINIATURES - SADEAN ILEANA will present her remarkable miniature sized tools for a miniaturist's workshop: electric machines, precision drill/grinder, MICRO woodturning lathe, bench circular saw, scroll saw, MICRO bandsaw and other work materials, such as miniature adhesives, varnishes, accessories, paint, sprays, boxes, organizers, hand tools and accessories all in 1:12 scale.  She will also offer her wonderful assortment of foods.


L.A. MINIATURES - LAURA ANNE LISOWSKY Her background as an artist and theatrical designer, (costume/set) fuels her passion for creating miniatures. She makes dolls, antique style toys, needlework & period furniture.  Her costumed  dolls are unique, all individually hand-sculpted and posable. The toys, eg. pull-alongs, ride-ems., (hand carved or sculpted), evoke a sense of nostalgia. They can rock, roll, or be posed to your hearts content. She also creates intricately stitched, needlework carpets. Furthermore, she expertly hand carves and executes furniture of the Tudor & Victorian periods.


MINIGIO MINIATURES - GIOVANNA GUERRERO will be bringing unique crocheted pieces. All pieces will be made with the finest thread making sure to feature different styles of crocheted miniatures. Visitors will find delicate doilies, breathtaking bedspreads and eye catching crocheted pieces for the more modern dollhouse.


HANNAH LEMON will be selling her world renowned miniature plants made in a variety of scales made from air-dry clay, wire, wood, and paper. Hannah grew up in Japan with an artistic mind, inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding her. Since the pandemic began, now living in London, she has revisited her childhood passion for art and creating miniatures. Her creations also include vintage furniture and appliances.  Hannah is also available for commissions.


CREATIONS BY LYNETTE - LYNETTE BARKER Fine, artisan quality ceramics, wheel sculpted, glazed and kiln fired. Very detailed and thin ceramics that feel and look like the full sized pieces in 1:12, 1:24, 1:48 scale.  Pitchers with delicate, curlicue handles, teapots with removable lids, elegant vases & bowls with unique designs. Tiny wheel thrown mortar & pestle! Elegant perforated vases. Blended glaze colors reminiscent of water, metals and clouds. Contemporary pieces in Art Deco style, mid-century modern and natural designs, eg. flowers, leaves, waterfalls, etc. Covered jars, ginger jars, lidded dishes and pumpkin.


CRAFTOPTICS - JEFF CAPLAN  will present the miniature artists' favorite tool! CraftOptics has helped thousands of artists and craftsmen create their work with precision and confidence since 2009.

✓ Patented magnifying eyeglasses with super bright, rechargeable light so you can see every detail of your work.

✓ Customized with your prescription or reading correction for superior optical clarity and comfort.

✓ Eliminates eye strain, improves posture (no more hunching!), and reduces back and neck pain while working. 


MOUNTAIN CREEK MINIATURES - BETH POTHEN  will be offering 1" scale hand-made foods, holiday items, bed & bath, landscaping and Wizard items. Whether you are creating a miniature apothecary, Harry Potter room box or spooky dollhouse, she has what you are looking for. Beth is working on many new items that will not be shown on her website, but will be available for the first time at the Chicago International Show.


FAIRY WINGS & MINI THINGS - TRACEY HOWARD & SHARON LIGHT are thrilled to be returning to the Chicago International and have a lot of new miniatures for 2023!  They have been working on steampunk representations of time to complement their orreries, and once they started working with both time and space, they just had to do a tribute piece for Dr. Who fans!  Tracey & Sharon are also busy expanding their needle felt to include famous dogs, both real and fictional.


MINI MODERN STYLE - ANGELA PAOLA RIBATTI  got into miniatures as a young girl. In 2015 she started making modern miniatures because she didn't feel fully satisfied to collect miniatures in other styles.  She has always loved modern design and interior decoration, in fact her miniatures are inspired by reality. She designs and creates her pieces, mainly in 1:12 scale but also in other scales if required.  You will find authentic and colorful furniture and accessories in wood and other materials to create small corners realistic and original.  During the pandemic she created a line of modern bathrooms that has been very successful.  Angela is also bringing many new products including original vases & sculptures.


MARTA MINIATURAS - MARTA DIEZ  will be bringing couches, armchairs, chaise lounges & special chairs for the garden, all made entirely by hand, with  original and colorful upholstery.  She will also offer small hand-painted and ornate pieces and decorative elements, such as plates, small perfumes, folding screens, and watercolors. 


PAT J MINIATURE BOUTIQUE - PAT JACKSON  when you visit her table you will find one of a kind porcelain China painted dolls to fit any style throughout the centuries.  Dressed in a variety of fine silks & cottons they are sure to enchant everyone. Enjoy the wonders of a variety of food, clothing, toys & accessories all made by Pat in her studio. 


SMALL THINGS BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL - SUSAN PIPPIN  is offering wheel thrown pottery, some raku fired and some with hand painted designs.  She also carries a limited amount of pottery from vintage molds no longer found, such as whales and birdbaths.  And, she likes to offer unique items that she picks up from all over the country such as antique buttons with detailed designs that can be used with miniatures, and supply items. 

BY BARB - BARB SCHUCKMAN  will be showcasing several new dinnerware patterns with coordinating accessories.  She will also be displaying new patterns of her comforter sets and pet beds. Barb has designed an assortment of fuzzy door mats and several new chef apron sets along with many new pattern dish towel sets.  Of course you never can tell what Barb may design as we get closer to the show.  Stop by her tables to check out what else is new.


NANCY FROSETH  As in past shows, Nancy continues to offer laser cut maple furniture in four scales: circus wagons,  push carts, antique baby buggies and more.  This year she has added  ceramic relief  tiles  from the Arts & Crafts period.  They were hand carved in the early 1900's--Mercer--most famous from the east coast for the relief musicians and Batchelder on the west coast for the famous L. A. CHOCOLATE SHOP — all handcrafted Dutch relief tiles covering the walls of the shop.  Batchelder did many fire places mostly in Minneapolis and the west coast. Nancy has built the fire place in the Batchelder home. Her invitation from Winter, who lived there and was the author of the book about Batchelder, made this invitation possible. 

THE INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF MINIATURE ARTISANS IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THEIR 8TH ANNUAL AUCTION:  This live auction will be held on Friday, April 28th at 5:30 pm in the O’Hare Ballroom.  There will be many one of a kind items offered.  For a closer inspection of the items to be auctioned visit them any time on Friday at the Guild table in the Blue Room.  We will begin gathering prior to the auction for their cash bar reception in the O’Hare Ballroom at 5:00 pm.  Don’t miss this exciting event:

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