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Special presentations created for the Chicago International

ORSI’S MINIATURES - ORSOLYA SKULTETI  Is presenting “Gluttony On Every Level”. There will be luxurious lobster & oyster plates, canapés & sandwiches with caviar and foie gras, salads, chocolate desserts, steaks & roasts for meat lovers, bagel sandwiches with cream cheese, magnificent cheeses, fruit plates with grapes & apples.  And, she has not forgotten the people who have a sweet tooth: they will be treated with sugary donuts, sundaes, milk shakes, cocoa with marshmallows & dozens of cookies & cakes. Those who follow a vegan diet can feast on her fresh vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, gourds, eggplants and artichokes. As herbs are a must to prepare delicious food, her table will hold fresh basil, chives & chili plants as to adorn your miniature kitchens.


MINIATURE WOODTURNER - HERMANN STRAETEN is the only wood turner who offers amber in miniature.  It is an expensive material equal to gold from the Baltic Sea and very difficult to process.  Hermann will be presenting some very unique amber vases, trophies, and bowls. Make sure you stop by his table to see all of his wonderful items. 


NALLADRIS - SUN LEMMENS  will offer fantasy jewels and a whole range of historical correct items, like the crowns and tiaras worn by the European royal families. See all of her sparkling jewelry made from precious metals, adorned with crystals or genuine gemstones.  Also available this year will be her miniature Russian Eggs and the amazing surprises each one has to offer.


RAINBOW HAND - BRIAN TEPPER & KYMBERLY AKOURIS  will unveil a line of painted miniature furniture that promises to captivate and enchant. Each piece is meticulously designed with an exquisite blend of gold-toned accents or spanning clouds juxtaposed beautifully with delicate flowers. This collection is not merely furniture; it's a testament to artistry and elegance. Drawing inspiration from vintage charm and modern aesthetics, their pieces aim to bring a touch of opulence to any miniature setting. They invite you to explore this unique ensemble, a harmonious blend of luxury and beauty.  Take the opportunity to adorn your dollhouses with these limited-edition masterpieces.


SUSAN BRENNER MINIATURES  a miniature carver for more than 30 years Susan delights in shopping and transforming antiques into something entirely new and unrelated to their original context. Her work incorporates a wide range of materials and you will discover intricate details such as tiny carved furniture legs, real gold-plated metal and mother-of-pearl inlays.  Together with her identical twin sister Sigrid, a tailor, and sometimes her friend Hermann Straeten she creates and produces one-of-a-kind or strictly limited, highly sophisticated furniture pieces and dolls.  The limited product lines provide you the opportunity to combine matching items or purchase whole sets.  Their product lines, such as "Moroccan Garden," "Persian Flowers," and "Damascean Rose," reflect their lifelong passion for and goal of showcasing the voluptuous richness and beauty of Arab culture.


BRIDGET MCCARTY  meet a fan favorite, miniature artist that creates tiny sitcoms in miniature and also brings adorable, fluffy pets to life. Her following on social media has gained the interest of many news outlets and Hollywood studios for her work. Top selling pieces at miniature shows are smaller pets like  bichons, Yorkie dogs, cats, bunnies, chicks, and Halloween miniatures. Follow on Instagram for TikTok at @Bridgetmccartyminis.  Facebook: Bridget McCarty


DRAGONFLY INTERNATIONAL - DEB LAUE  will be returning again this year with a large booth stuffed full of kits & supplies selected especially for the miniaturist.  She offers the largest color selections available of both 2mm and 4mm silk ribbon along with in scale silks & cottons.  She features over 300 different laces ranging from 1/16th of an inch on up.  Debs ribbons are imported from France, England & Japan.


MINIATURE MINIATURES - NELL CORKIN will offer some very special items that will include an electrified baby house, a little street of shops, and some brand new vignettes of cats wreaking havoc with miniatures.  Always make sure you stop by to view Nell’s wonderful display.


VERONIQUE LUX  Veronique says it is with great pleasure that she has been able to attend the Chicago International Show for more than ten years. For 2024, you will be able to find her little humanized animals which can be used in a child's room, in a toy store or as decorations, small cages, toys, scenes and she hopes to be able to present a small store.


ARTKOZA - ANNA BELOGUROVA  Austrian miniature artist (mainly 1:12 scale) specializes in fine metal & clay work. Her exclusive collection of birdcages, metal designs & plants are inspired by rare historical objects & handmade from premium materials, using wood, glass & alloys.  Her pieces will quickly become your favorites to decorate fairy gardens, seasonal dioramas & dollhouses. 


MINI MODERN STYLE - ANGELA PAOLA RIBATTI   started making modern miniatures because she didn't feel fully satisfied to collect only miniatures in other styles.  She has always loved modern design and interior decorating.  Her miniatures are inspired by reality.  She designs and creates her pieces, mainly in 1:12 scale, but also in other scales. During the pandemic she created a line of modern bathrooms that have been very successful.  Angela will bring many new products including her very original vases & sculptures, furniture with sliding doors and many colorful accessories to make settings unique and original.  


FUMIKO’S MINIATURES - FUMIKO OGAWA makes 1/24 size child dolls, dresses, hats, dresses on mannequins, doll and dress sets in boxes, and lady dolls.  The ladies dresses are made from very fine Japanese silk fabrics. Fumiko will have the silk fabric for sale and will also be selling her wonderful 1/48 scale dress shops. 


WENDY’S MINIATURES - WENDY SMALE  Lighted natural history specimens will be new to Chicago.  She will have both individual specimens lighted from underneath & backlighted light boxes.  This can really make some crystals, minerals, gems and fossils just glow and reveal new details of their structure!  The lighted specimens can work with a battery or with standard 12V dollhouse wiring.  Wendy will also have a curated collection of high quality artisan estate miniatures.


THE FERD SOBOL EDITIONS - LYNNE & MILLIE SOBOL For more than four decades renowned miniature artisan Ferd Sobol has enchanted miniature collectors and enthusiasts around the world with his exquisite creations. Now deceased, this IGMA Fellow left behind a wondrous array of fine miniature furniture pieces that have been carefully curated and will be presented at the Chicago Show. Exclusive offerings include a sampling from every decade of his work, and reflect every type of piece he has ever created. This show is an unprecedented opportunity to add a piece of miniature history to your collection.


BLEAU’S CUSTOM DESIGN - PARRISH & KRIS BLEAU  have been busy planning & designing their new flooring patterns, as well as new items for building and adding that “special touch” to your room box or dollhouse.  They look forward to unveiling and introducing all of their new items, along with all of their Classic Styles, exclusively at the Chicago International Show. They will have Dr. Who Tardis Boxes, along with our room-boxes, A Little Piece of London Telephone Booths, and More! 


ANGELIKA MANNERSDORFER  is offering her handmade porcelain character dolls, fantasy dolls & babies of all ages. She will also have nostalgia strollers, baby toys, cup cakes and lots of accessories and some “Spiralhampler” all in 1/12 scale.  And some special displays exhibited for the first time in Chicago, winter children, romantic ballerinas, & Children’s Birthday Party.


ERIK GODDARD  will present a 1:12 scale British pub called Kings Arms. The classic pub occupies the ground floor of a two-story building, with the upper level featuring a modest apartment. The brick building with slate style roof will be old, aged, weathered & charming, while the interior will show signs of all the ups & downs that have occurred within the brick walls over the decades. Some of the pub area will be partially furnished, and Erik’s signature lighting will be installed, but most of the building will be an open canvas for a future landlady. Back & front panels will be removable to allow access to the interior.


MAGPIE MINIATURES - REBECCA RICHARDS  in addition to their exclusive designs, Magpie Miniatures has the premier artisan collection of one-of-a-kind miniatures that have been lovingly curated and crafted by various artisans.  We love and celebrate the fantasy and whimsy of sublimely imaginative miniatures, especially our One Of A Kind dolls known as Madam Magpie dolls.  We specialize in procuring the finest vintage miniature artisan collections from around the world and make them available for you.  Last year we acquired Marcia Backstrom's studio which was filled with thousands of unfinished sculpts, fabrics & trims.  We are painstakingly finishing each doll, painting, wigging and dressing them too perfection to bring each one to life. As a former Hollywood set and costume designer for over 25 years, we will have a booth few will forget.


PAT RICHARDS MINIATURES  Working from a fondness for 17th century textiles, Pat plans to bring to the show, and offer for sale, stitched pictures, samplers and other pieces in that style, along with other accessories from various periods up through the 19th century.


HEPHAESTA - HILLARY LEE  will have a new set of brass wall plaques to offer. These wall plaques will be available as painted, finished designs or as paint your own designs. Sunbursts, Crescent Moons, Dragon Flies, and Geckos. New planter baskets, lined and unlined, will also be offered for displaying all kinds of things, from fruit to flowers.”


THE DOLLS’ COBBLER - SYLVIA ROUNTREE  The Dolls’ Cobbler since 1972, Sylvia is very proud to be Celebrating 52 years of miniatures by continuing to bring new and different 1" leather footwear styles to collectors.  Don’t miss her wonderful display of leather goods. 


MUFFA MINIATURES - MARIELLA VITALE does crochet at it’s best! Enter the enchanting world of micro crochet teddy bears, where intricate artistry meets the tiniest of stitches. The finest miniature teddy bears in a variety of styles & colors all with their own personality.  Tiny purses with a big style statement,  cozy marvel crochet blankets & doilies for the elegance of every surface. These miniature marvels redefine the boundaries of crochet craftsmanship, capturing the essence of charm in a pocket-sized form. Crafted with precision and a meticulous touch, these treasures that fit in the palm of your hand, are an example of the infinite possibilities that threads & hooks can create.


MICHAEL R MINIATURES - MICHAEL ROBBINS  Michael will be exhibiting a  host of brand new hand sculpted fantasy characters inspired by fairytales and magical stories. He will also have a selection of stylized curiosities to add a quirky touch to your dollhouse, a new line of miniature food he has begun creating which will include cheeses & breads, and an array of seasonal miniatures to decorate your mini home with for the festive seasons from Halloween to Christmas.


HENNY STARING-EGBERTS specializes in making and designing ceramics: miniature Delftware, Chinese porcelain, Japanese porcelain & porcelain doll's house dolls.  This year she will be offering a few new Items to her extensive collection: a bust of Princess Mary Stuart & Prince William, a Pilgrims flask and a fire cover in the style of Mary & William & some beautiful new Chinese vases.


SIMPLY SILK MINIATURES - LINDA TOWERZEY Linda will be presenting  a varied selection of canopy beds in both 1/12 & 1/24 scale with co-ordinating accessories. Together with her usual silk furnishings, there will be the addition of silk dressed mannequins, canopy dog beds, rocking cradles & window seats. 

KSB MINIATURES COLLECTION - KAYE BROWNING  is the founder of the 3,300 - square foot KSB Miniatures Collection located at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center in Maysville, Kentucky.  Kaye will be signing copies of her books Collectively Speaking: My Passionate Pursuit of Miniatures Volumes 1 & 2.  Kaye will also be offering for sale the last of Barry Dawson's sought after carpets.   Additionally, following the Chicago show, Kaye has made arrangements with the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center to host its first ever artisan workshops to be conducted from April 9 - 13, 2024, they will be featuring a selection of phenomenal classes.


LUDMILLA’S CRETIONS - CINZIA MILLEALA will be presenting her very large range of wicker baskets. You will find Victorian baskets, baskets for dogs & cats, and those for bicycles, shopping baskets, and toys. Her  picnic baskets are equipped with everything you need for a fantastic outdoor picnic.  She is also presenting The Ludmilla’s Zoo, which is a large collection of animals all realized in wicker. 


NANCY FROSETH  is currently working on a beautiful tiled Dutch, decorative Chocolate Shop located in Los Angeles.  It was built  and decorated in the Arts & Crafts period by Ernest Batchelder.  He was well-known in Minneapolis for his work at the University of Minnesota (Scott Hall), St Kate's in St Paul and many private commissions.   


MINIFANABERIA - DOROTA MATEUSIAK  will present a new miniature metal cooking range with a pot with real steam coming out of it, along with a metal, working hood.  She will also have a dishwasher with working lights and pull out racks, new types of refrigerators and wine coolers. Dorota is also working on new tabletop appliances: blenders, mixers, pizza makers, cooking machines and stainless steel cookware sets.


OISEAU de NIM MINIATURES - PEIWEN PETITGRAND   Peiwen enjoys making clay flowers, gastronomy, dishes and utensils in one inch scale.  She will have her clay works, real-looking cuisine, veggies, fruits, plants and flowers in her booth.  She will also have a grand range of brass stamped findings and clay cutters for miniature house builders and for clay flower lovers.  Peiwen will be conducting two workshops this year, "Mold-making & Reputation" and "Gingerbread Cake & Nougat Confection Board”.


BJARNESONNS - KARL BLINDHEIM  This year, Karl will display the recognized breeds of the American Kennel Club.  In addition, he will introduce a collection of 1/2 scale African animals from memories of his many visit to Kruger National Park in South Africa.


FANNIMINIATURE - FANNI SANDOR  is bringing one of a kind lifelike animal figures. You will find birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects on her table.  Every year she returns to the show with new nature scenes, and new animal species, which have never been made in miniature before.  


CARABOSSE DOLLS - MARIA JOSE SANTOS  is offering a new Art Deco lady in a glamorous long evening gown made from silk.  Also a beautiful new collection of fashion accessories: Victorian, Art Noveau and Art Deco purses with metal clasps, straw hats, umbrellas and hand fans.


YOSHI SHIMENO SPHERES   will be selling Japanese lacquer furniture, boxes and her pottery.  She spins her potter's wheel to make the shapes, lets the pottery dry unglazed.  When the temperature drops, she glazes it and then bakes it at 1,200 degrees.  Yoshi sells western and Japanese tableware, vases and traditional Japanese ceramics.


ILI’S MINIATURES - ILEANA SADEAN  will present electric machines in 1/12th scale for a miniaturist's workshop: precision drill/grinder, MICRO woodturning lathe, bench circular saw, scroll saw, MICRO bandsaw, thicknesser (a thickness planer), and many work materials, adhesives, varnishes, paint, boxes, organizers and hand tools. Another section is 1:48 scale room boxes with all components separately in kit form and completed: furniture, appliances, tiles, doors, windows, and accessories. 


MARTHA MCLEAN is looking forward to exhibiting her new floral arrangements this year.  She will be presenting new wildflower bouquets along with her classic urn arrangements and her signature “fresh cut flower” looking bouquets.  Martha also plans to have a new line of designer Christmas trees.


KATIE DOKA MINIATURE ANIMALS  will be presenting her unique & realistic handmade animals. Her products consist mainly of domesticated and wild, exotic animals & pets.  She also plans to bring mini scenes with cute baby animals... Some of her limited editions are created specifically for the Chicago Show. 

JENS TORP DESIGN is planning to bring a new and quite different silver sculpture in miniature.  It will be in gold & silver mounted on Ebony.  It is inspired by the Japanese Maji period and will be a Limited Edition.


DESIGNING WAYS - CAROL MOORE is introducing the new "Bedding Basics Collection" consisting of a comforter with 2 sets of Bed Pillows, all in tone-on-tone white, cream or grey fabrics.  To complete your bed, there will be a choice of fringed throw/accent pillow sets as well as throws (12 colors) and individual pillows sold separately.  In addition, new dressed beds, including trundles for kids rooms in several new designs will be available.


HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW - HOLLY & CHRIS WOOD will feature a variety of rare vintage 1:12th scale miniatures by retired & deceased artisans including country & folk painted furniture & accessories as well as extremely fine elegant furniture & accessories from Early American to 20th century. They'll also have a selection of very rare 1930’s-50’s antique furniture & accessories by Eric Pearson, Edward Hicks, & Frank Matter as well as a large estate collection of antique dollhouse furniture & accessories in varying imperfect antique scales from the 1870’s-1950’s for antique dollhouse enthusiasts. There will be an amazing grouping of hand painted harpsichords & spinets, as well as a large selection of artisan paintings in every price range from accessible to incredible miniature masterpieces. You'll find treasures unlike anything you’ve seen from working pieces such as Rubik’s cubes, toys, & harmonicas to antique ivory carvings including a working magic trick. See their fine hooked rugs, silver, pottery, porcelain, & hundreds of vintage artisan turnings AND so much more. 


MCBAY MINIATURES - MARCIA MCCLAIN will be making some new upholstery items as well as new prints & rugs.   Her background is as an Interior Designer and she focuses on miniature items that are realistic.  She searches for designs that are traditional as well as current as seen in decorating magazines. You will find her drapes, beds and upholstered pieces are copies of full size pieces.  She also does a lot of re-upholstery and consulting with collectors to attain room settings that are done in colors and styles they prefer.  Stop by to see what she can do for you.  


HART’S DESIRE MINIATURES - GAIL (HART) DOMIANO  has just finished a new house for this year.  She describes it as a 1:48 (quarter inch) & 1:144th house kit.  The house is a two-story Ranch House Kit. The Ranch House includes several finishing options.  It also includes a full 3D kitchen with wood cabinets and table & chairs. The front porch runs across the front of the house with pillars, and a fence runs around the front & sides of the house. She has also added additional landscaping including a tree and gardening materials.

Other planned items will be a 1:24th & 1:48th living room/dining room box kit.  The kit will be a living room on one end with bookcases, windows, and a fireplace. The dining room will be raised with railings and a bay window.


ELIZABETH HOUGH - ART IN MINIATURE will be bringing miniature oil paintings, some grand masters, some bespoke (of all popular scales), wood-turnings (all scales), and 1:12th scale handmade furniture & accessories. 


EXCEPTIONAL! - NANCY WEITH & LYNN YAEGER  Exceptional! is proud to present seasonal specialties and artisan treasures including new specialty cases to house your creations, scenes and collectibles.  

LILLI’S LITTLES - LILLI BASS  is offering 1:12 scale porcelain figures from original molds.  They are of heirloom quality and perfect for your miniature collections & scenes. She will have some new figures, including some delightful Christmas characters. There are also ready to dress porcelain figures and various supplies, such as wigging materials, and fabrics & patterns, to make your own special heirloom doll. 

VERO’S MINIATURES - VERONICA MORALES TENORIO   is a Mexican craft artist who loves working on techniques such as ceramics, traditional clay fabrics, and typical scenes & traditions of her country.  She also works on piñatas techniques on paper!  She belongs to the Miniaturist Association of Mexico and has a miniature’s store as well as an internet store.  It is her pleasure to be able to share the traditions of her country with people from all over the world.


RED COTTAGE MINIATURES - SHANNON MAY creates finely detailed 1:24 scale laser cut houses, furniture and accessory kits to delight and entertain miniature enthusiasts worldwide. Shannon is an experienced artist, specializing in fine-art portraiture. The upcoming Chicago show brings these passions together in Shannon's latest venture: a captivating range of miniature oil, watercolor, & acrylic paintings, accompanied by mini artworks such as hand-drawn sketchbooks. Each piece is a celebration of creativity, exquisitely hand-crafted and uniquely one-of-a-kind.


VAN T POTTER - SUSAN VAN TUBBERGEN  will be offering new porcelain Majolica pieces, based on pottery made in the late 1800's. These one-of-a-kind tiny collectibles are wheel thrown and hand sculpted.


PAMELA GOLDMAN DESIGNS  Combining her love of miniatures and seashells she has created a fantasy world.   Her creations range from a shell encrusted ship to recognizable furniture, transformed into magic and whimsical pieces.  She loves the challenge of turning everyday objects into magical art works.


KAREN’S DOLLHOUSE SHOP - KAREN & ANDREW AIRD   are proud to be offering fine quality miniatures & furniture by artisans who are no longer making miniatures. You will have the opportunity to purchase from the estate of the late Ursula Sauerberg of Germany.  Ursula made exquisite fine needlepoint. Some of her collection offered will be miniatures by John Hodgson, Alec Rothwell, Marcia Backstrom, Jamie Carrington, paintings by Paul Saltarelli, Ed Chol, Linda McBreen and Christopher Whitford. Terrific hand crafted toys by St. Ledger, Ann Anderson, Ethel Hicks and Mary Bures. Fine porcelain from Stokesayware. Wonderful foods from The English Kitchen and Anne Caesar.  Hand crafted vintage furniture will be available by Roger Gutheil, James Hastrich, William Clinger, Rhea Strange Wicker, Studio B Colonial accessories and fine Silver. Also available will be glassware by Gerd Felka, Francis Whittemore, and Ray Storey.


CHERYL WARDER MINIATURES   This year Cheryl has made wonderful 2” and 3” Christmas trees decorated with hundreds of ornaments and surrounded by unique gift wrapped packages. A must see.


STEWART DOLLHOUSE CREATIONS - RUTH STEWART  is happy to announce they will have their first 1:48 house kit “ Birdhouse Bluff” available at this show. There will be a complete line of furniture and landscaping kits available for the house kit as well. This Martha’s Vineyard house is sure to make your heart sing when you get a look at all the beautiful details inside and out. They will also have many new silicone molds in all scales, kits in all scales, cakes, pastries and 1:12 Cake Kits!


TINY DOLL HOUSE - LESLIE EDELMAN & TIMOTHY POTTER  will be bringing items from their vast selection of handmade artisan furniture, porcelains, dolls and accessories from around the world.  This year we will be featuring one of a kind collectibles from artisans including Le Chateau, Michael Walton, Charles Krug, Keith Bougard, Jane Graber, Veronique Cornish, Dominique Levy, London Supply Co., Annie Willis and many, many more.


WHIMSIES DOLLHOUSE SHOP - SUSIE VALLON  is happy to be a part of the 2024 show for the very first time!  Susie will be unveiling her beautiful kitchen sets in three different colors & her elegant bedroom sets.  Also view her many holiday accessories & assembled miniature displays for every room.


RAPTOOR CRAFTING - ANGELA KINNUNEN   designs and manufactures dollhouse kits in many genres and scales, 1/48th, 1/24th and 1/12th. Angela will be releasing exclusive models and kits in 1/48th for the Wild West, art deco and a Fantasy scene. Models as well as the kits will be displayed and available at the show.


YURIKO - YURIKO SUZUKI  makes 1/144 sized houses and 1/24 sized food and accessories.  Her lunch boxes are so small and will fit on your fingertip. For more information on her products please visit her website.


MENUTMON - AMPARO GIL BALDO  is introducing their new scene set in an old rustic house in a French Provence. It will be available as a kit and will be accompanied by new accessories both in kits and in resin. They are also introducing many delightful new resin pieces.


VERSAILLES FASHION DOLLS - TISH TIERNEY will be introducing a variety of beautiful rococo dolls along with her new collection of modern men and women. Additionally there will be some new witches and historic couples.  


PATJ MINIATURE BOUTIQUE - PAT JACKSON  customers will find 1:12, and 1/2 scale porcelain dolls. One of a kind 1:48 polymer clay dolls dressed in silks. From the fanciest 18th century costumes in fine silks with no hole bead work to sassy flappers and everything in-between.  Also view her one of a kind accessories, food, toys, and clothing. 


MINI TREES BY MARIA K BEVILL  Maria specializes in bespoke Christmas trees and Holiday accessories.  She can help you achieve your miniature Christmas or holiday dreams.  Maria’s trees can be done in any scale with direct lighting or by battery. 


SMALL THINGS BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL - SUSAN PIPPIN is bringing her wheel thrown pottery made with a variety of different clays & glazes.  Some are raku fired.  Some are smaller scale.  She makes limited pottery from vintage molds such as whales, and some seasonal and garden items.  Susan is also planning to add more mixed media items to her line.


MI MUNDO EN ROSA - ANA CACHEIRO will present a new exclusive collection of unique cakes for weddings and celebrations. Also some unique flower centerpieces handmade in cold porcelain.  


SMALL CREATIONS BY MZIA - MZIA DSAMIA is presenting a new colorful and artistic array of love seats with matching poufs accessorized with fringes & gold frames, needle point work and natural floral fabrics.  She will also be making fresh sets of European Royalty Mannequins & Dolls, with bold colored luxury fabrics, adorned with hand made jewelery and floral touches.  


INGRID AUER is bringing her beautiful Christmas trees, homemade Christmas tree decorations with glass balls, birds and much more.  Advent wreaths with real wax candles, fireplace decorations with 12 volt lights, a nutcracker with a free-floating Advent wreath & dancing ballerinas. Ingrid will also have Easter decorations, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter baked goods and much more.


MELISSA ARP STUDIO is a miniature artist from Iowa, making collectible figurines from mixed media in the German Folk Art tradition of spun cotton, and also hand-crafted miniatures. Her work is inspired by primitives, folk art, as well as vintage toys & collectibles.


TRIANON PETIT MINIATURES - TOM GOTTLICK  specializes in 1/12th scale 18th Century French Furniture & Furnishings.  He is very excited to be offering as an exclusive, his Louis XVI dog beds.  There will also be furniture pieces upholstered in reproduction French fabrics, and some fun objects d’ art. Tom will also have several roomboxes available. This is his first show, and is looking forward to meeting everyone.

BETINHA MURTA specializes in cold porcelain.  This year she will be bringing lots of her unique new creations.  Betinha will have cakes, flowers, Christmas & Easter miniatures, shoes, purses, plants and a lot more! Don’t miss your chance to see her amazing work.  


SUGAR LOAF POTTERY - GAYLE STEWART  has been a traditional potter for over 35 years.  For the past few years she has explored making miniature pottery.  She loves making kitchen and dinnerware - cannisters, pitchers, mugs, plates, bowls and vases.  Gayle prefers the Pennsylvania style pottery popular in the 18th & 19th centuries, similar to salt glazed pottery of that era.  She had exhibited at our wholesale show in 2023 and was warmly received.  Gayle loved meeting so many enthusiastic people and is looking forward to 2024 where she will be in both the wholesale and retail shows.


LA MINIATURES - LAURA ANNE LISOWSKY  Laura’s miniature work is inspired by her background as an artist and a theatrical designer. She creates animal dolls in costume, needlework, hand carved furniture and antique style toys. Her newest items will include classic style puppet theaters, with whimsical hand puppets, whose facial features are inspired by period dolls. Other recent works are sculpted animal dolls dressed in folk costumes, and old fashioned, hand carved pull along toys.


KEENDERSON MINIATURES - GLEN ANDERSON will have a new collection of modern and mid-century pieces by such designers as Wharton Esherick, George Nelson, George Nakashima & others. He will also be introducing “The Guitar Collection”. Over a dozen famous and classic guitars created in 1:12 scale. There will also be a new line of toys as well as his usual collection of eclectic pieces that he has built since last year.


CONCHI PACHECO is presenting delicate & elegant authentic reproductions of hand embroidery typical of women's clothing & accessories that have been preserved for decades or centuries. She will feature Unique pieces from the 17th to the early 20th century, embroidered with polychrome silk, gold & silver metallic on silk, cotton & linen. For the first time Conchi will have beautiful dresses on display, as well as an important embroidered silk & gold metal mantle. Additionally there will be a new polychrome Chinese shawl with more than 460 macramé knots.


CRISTINA HAMPE MINIATURES  presents Handmade miniatures from polymer clay.  She is convinced that in every culture food is the most important thing.  Food brings emotions & memories, no matter where we are. To awaken such emotions in people who see her miniatures, Cristina tries to make them as realistic as possible. She will be waiting for you this year with different dishes from Europe, typical German dishes like bratwurst with sauerkraut, roast pork & Knödel, and other dishes from Italy like pasta, salami & cheese. She will also have fruits & vegetables as well as American specialties.


AMINITHING - ANN PENNYPACKER  In addition to offering tools, lumber and building supplies, Aminithing has accessories in 1/24, 1/12, 1/48 scale. From the roof to floors, siding to staircases they have what you need to build your own miniature masterpiece.


IKLECTIC KOLLECTIBLES, INC. - JUDI SCHWARTZ & CAREN HARTVIK  As their business name states, they have an eclectic assortment of handmade artisan dollhouse miniatures. Some of the items include porcelain dressed figures, mid century style furniture, miniature dolls, hand painted accessories, and much more. This year they will be featuring a selection of vintage artist signed estate sale pieces.

THE INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF MINIATURE ARTISANS IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THEIR 9TH ANNUAL AUCTION  This live auction will be held on Friday, April 5th at 5:30 pm in the O’Hare Ballroom.  There will be many one of a kind items offered.  For a closer inspection of the items to be auctioned visit them any time on Friday at the Guild table in the Blue Room.  We will begin gathering prior to the auction for their cash bar reception in the O’Hare Ballroom at 5:00 pm.  Don’t miss this exciting event:

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MINIATURE ENTHUSIASTS - ROY MOORE  Join the NAME members from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday evening in the  Higgins Room.  Featured will be some make-and-take projects, a few treats, and lots of camaraderie. NAME continues to fish for members and you can count on some lures & bait that hopefully will entice you to become a member or to celebrate already being one.  We look forward to seeing all of you there.

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