Glen Anderson      Wednesday Evening, 7pm-10pm           $95



You will receive a pine toy box all ready assembled that you will be able to paint, stain or decorate in whatever colour you wish. Each toy box will include a wooden plate that says “Toys” If you wish the plate to be customized with a name or other label, you can contact me before the show and I will make you up a personalized one at no extra charge. As well as the toybox, you will be able to choose any three toys from my collection and assemble and paint those as well.  All tools and supplies will be provided, as well as instructions, but please feel free to bring your own small tool box and any optical or lighting you may require. Additional toy kits will be available to purchase and build. If you wish to have a personalized name plate, are looking for a particular toy, or just have questions, you can email me at or call me at 613-284-1479