Jeannie Lindquist
Thursday 9a-4p        $155


By student request for this class, I designed a new miniature rose inspired by Mon Cheri in 1:12 scale. This rose starts out yellow at the petal base, shades from light to dark pink, then dark red on petal edges. Parts of the laser cut rose pieces are hand painted and some printed on acid free paper, especially for this class. The intense colors of the botanically correct roses are showcased on a white trellis. You may use the rose colors as shown in the sample or choose from roses inspired by ‘Bewitched’ in pink, ‘Chrysler Imperial’ in dark red, ‘JFK’ in white or ‘Oregold’ in yellow. If you wish a color different from the sample, please indicate your preference when signing up for the workshop. Roses will be shaped and assembled using special tips I have discovered. Student packets consist of an assembled, white trellis in a flower bed base and all pieces to make the roses, special supplies, box for the finished work and are included in the class fee. Students of all skills are welcome.  

Students are welcome to bring your mini-making tools. A good, lighted magnifier is a must. Bring an extension cord if your light is not battery powered.

If you would like to take this class and do not have your tools with you, tools will be available for use with an option to buy.