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Lynn O’Shaughnessy       Thursday 12:30p-4p    $69


Learn to convert lightweight brass and copper into jewelry that has cross-cultural appeal.  Through demonstrations and practice, you will be learn how to use small hammers to texture your metal.   A number of cutters, shapers, punches, contouring and texturing devices will be demonstrated and then made available for your use.  Class projects will circulate to help in your design process; and a circular die cutter will be demonstrated.  The instructor will pre-cut one of the larger metal pieces in your kit that can later be fabricate into a contoured bib.  Your kit will include: basic instructions on the use of tools; photos of finished pieces made by the instructor and a bust with which to check your scale and contour of your necklaces. The bust may later be used as a display for one of your projects.  Also included are all materials for you to make at least five pieces; sheet metal for a hammered neck collar and a hammered wrist cuff; wire to hammer into a snake bracelet and additional materials from which to make at least two other pieces of your choice.  A number of appropriate stones, cabochons, beads, wires and findings will also be provided to enhance your designs and differentiate them from those made by others.  All tools and eye protection will be provided at each of the four workstations.

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