Peter Tucker          Thursday Evening 7p-10p        $120


A overview of the types of LEDs and their use in miniatures will start the workshop. The focus will then switch to how to best use them in the students’ projects, with an emphasis on new an innovative ways to use batteries as power sources.  Students are encouraged to submit in advance to the instructor (via email preferably) questions they may have and problems they would like solve involving the use of LEDs. Questions should be submitted at least 2 weeks before the class. I will focus on the most popular issues in the workshop, but will try to provide answers (when I can) to the other questions in the class handout.  Topics to be covered will include but are not limited to: Possible ways to retrofit LEDs in existing rooms and structures Various ways to use batteries to power LEDs Special lighting effects with LEDs.  Students will receive a selection of LEDs and a very small electronic circuit to power LEDs from 1.5 volt batteries to play with back home.